About Melody Sheorn

Throughout her career, Melody Sheorn has worked in a number of business management roles across multiple industries. She has developed experience in areas such as marketing, public relations, promotions, branding, and web development strategies. Sheorn speaks French, a useful extension of her communication skills. With a focus on leading teams, she is an expert in solution management and analysis, as well as multitasking.

Highly skilled, Melody Sheorn possesses extensive education and training. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural and Interior Design fromWesternKentuckyUniversityinBowling Greenand completed various courses in engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology inAtlanta. She also received certification as a flight attendant. Possessing a private pilot license, Sheorn is also a qualified private yacht stewardess under the standards and certification of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

Over the course of nearly three decades, Melody Sheorn has served at three different companies in a diverse range of industries. For most of that time, she worked for US Airways, Inc., inCharlotte,North Carolina. Joining the company in 1983, she spent the next 23 years as a flight attendant and flight attendant trainer. Sheorn managed flight attendant crew operations, oversaw briefings on emergency procedures, safety bulletins, crew coordination, and weather before each flight. She also fulfilled various other functions in order to ensure crew efficiency and customer comfort.

After leaving US Airways in 2006, Melody Sheorn joined Langdale Automotive Group. She worked at car dealership locations aroundGeorgia, includingManchesterand Sylvester. She helped to develop marketing strategies as a Customer Service Manager, particularly those related to Internet advertising and the company website. Sheorn also worked as a certified salesperson, earning the GM Mark of Excellence for her efforts at the dealership.

In 2009, Melody Sheorn left Langdale Automotive Group to become a pharmaceutical sales representative with Novartis AG and inVentiv Health in northernFloridaand southernGeorgia. In this position, she developed a deep knowledge of the medications involved and helped physicians to understand those that would best serve their needs. In 2011, she was honored as a Representative of Distinction in recognition of her performance.


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