The Auto Dealer’s Guide to Social Media, by Melody Sheorn

September 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

For many individuals, the idea to invest in a new vehicle begins not on the car lot, but online. Consumers connected through social media tend to expect businesses to maintain Facebook or Twitter accounts. Fortunately, entering the social space has never been simpler.

When designing a social page, don’t just show consumers pictures of what you have on the lot. Guide them deeper into the sales process by bringing them behind closed doors for a look at upcoming products, features, and services you haven’t revealed to consumers who stop by the lot. Behind-the-scenes access gives your visitors a sense of importance, as if you made them your confidants.

Secondly, social media need not be limited to pictures. Take advantage of YouTube and other video services to put together marketing packages that highlight interesting information such as how cars are made and how they make their way to your lot.

By now, you might have noticed a common theme: transparency. The current economic climate makes consumers shy away from big purchases until they have every scrap of financing and how-to-operate information at their fingertips. Use your social pages to give it to them, and to open lines of communication: encourage feedback, set aside time to answer visitor messages, and consider starting a blog with a comments section where you can interact with readers.

About the author:

An expert in sales, service, management, and consumer relations, Melody Sheorn served Langdale Automotive Group as a Customer Service Manager and Sales Agent, conceptualizing and executing online marketing strategies for three dealerships.


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