Melody Sheorn on Flight Attendant Qualifications

May 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

An experienced business management professional, Melody Sheorn resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ms. Sheorn spent more than 20 years with US Airways before joining Langdale Automotive Group and then Novartis Pharmaceuticals and inVentiv Health.

Individuals interested in becoming flight attendants should consider whether they possess the necessary credentials and skills prior to applying. The following provides a brief overview of some of the critical qualities:

1. Customer service experience. Flight attendants spend a majority of their time interacting with the public. Airline hiring managers appreciate when candidates have contributed in similar capacities in the past.

2. Education. Flight attendants vary in their educational levels. Those who have completed college degrees may be waived through some requirements, but in most cases, individuals with high school or graduate equivalency diplomas (GED) may also apply.

3. Citizenship. Unlike some fields, flight attendant work does not support employees who require visas. Airlines based in the United States seek U.S. citizens for their cabin crews.

4. Appearance. Flight attendants help airlines establish brand identities. As a result, they must dress professionally and look neat and clean.


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